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Algoships LNG Portfolio

With emphasis on clean energy, industries worldwide are looking at options to reduce emissions. In many cases, switching to cleaner fuels is a viable option. For example, several naphtha-based power generation plants are looking to upgrade to natural gas / re-gasified LNG. In the maritime industry, emission norms are becoming stricter by the year and owners have limited options for compliance. Of the various options available, switching to LNG as fuel has become a viable option for some Owners.

Being the cleanest fossil fuel,   LNG is a good candidate to reduce carbon dioxide, sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides from vessel emissions. Fuel availability, bunkering infrastructure, and onboard fuel management are the challenges and opportunities at the same time for the maritime community.

As an experienced player in the industry with a legacy experience of 7 decades in the industry, Algoships have introduced several designs in the market with LNG as fuel as well as for transportation/bunkering of LNG.

Our Designs

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‘SEATRANSPORTER LNG’ - the LNG fuelled (HFO ready) handysize bulk carrier

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1300 TEU Container Vessel

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SEA LNG – Small scale LNG carrier

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Coastal Cargo cum Bunker Barge